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The AstroMedium: Sun Enters Libra

Peace, love and harmony all up in here…. There must be some Libras in the atmosphere.

Today, September 22nd, the Sun leaves behind the grounded, practical and reliable energy field of Virgo and enters the social, partner oriented & sometimes superficial sign of Libra.

This marks the activation of the autumn equinox, as all cardinal signs initiate the seasons bringing in new bursts of energy that keep our cycles flowing and growing.

As the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra has the spiritual power of partner orientation which shows us how we can come together as two separate extensions of source to create an even stronger and more creative entity.

This goes for all relationships, not just romantic partnerships and this Libra season will strengthen your bonds of connection, no doubt, but this may feel quite the opposite in the coming month before we reach the other side.

With a Mercury Retrograde in Libra, Mars currently in his detriment in the sign of the scales as well as the sun having challenging conversations with Neptune, Chiron, Pluto, and Uranus during this time, let’s just say we are in for quite a ride.

Relationships have been tested a lot in the past few months especially those that are long term as Juno has been heavily active but I feel this Libra season will bring the rest of the issues that are bubbling up to the surface, ending in a major “make or break” that ultimately finds us stronger and more empowered once the outcome unfolds.

Remember that it’s okay to need others sometimes but be mindful to keep your focus on yourself and your growth and if you find yourself being judgmental, reflect on that and create something beautiful instead.

The Sun will be transiting my 3rd and 4th houses while in Libra. Which houses is it transiting for YOU?!

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