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The AstroMedium: Scorpio Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

As we move through eclipse season, many are feeling the swirling waves of emotions and energetic shifts that are taking place both internally as well as externally as Jupiter makes its explosive entrance into Aries and Mercury embarks on its first retrograde of the new astrological year.

There is a great shift that has occurred within our subtle bodies especially the mental body with a particular emphasis on in all levels of MIND: Lower mental mind, higher spiritual mind, conscious mind, subconscious mind all the way down to the vast hallows of the unconscious self.

Mercury and Jupiter vibrate in accordance with your lower, data-processing mind and your higher, spiritual mind respectively and as their energies shift so too does our perspective.

Although Jupiter in Aries supports your vision of self-actualization, it can also increase impatience and intolerance to others beliefs and perspectives so use this masculine energy to drive your manifestations and use Mercury Retrograde as a permission slip to let things go crazy! You’ve been asking for the energy to pick up, so here we go!

One of the most important moments of 2022 occurs on May 16th at 12:34am eastern time when the opposition of the sun and the moon joins forces with north and south nodes creating a full moon total lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio.

All eclipses are about sudden shifts in direction and because they occur on a full moon, they represent the releasing of what is ready to be purged as to make room for the fullness of our manifestations to materialize with greater clarity.

The sun represents the conscious mind/self while the moon represents the subconscious mind so we now are being activated into more of our total mind and not to mention this is a Scorpio moon. The moon is in its detriment in the fixed water sign so if there’s any eclipse that would send us running for the hills, it’s this one!

But if you feel into this plutonic lunar event, you’ll feel the effortless surrender and the spiritual calling toward greater awareness courtesy of Neptune‘s ethereal touch. This full moon is all about releasing, severing and letting go of very heavy shit PERMANENTLY but it also has the ability to tune you to your highest expression and allow for the emptiness inside to be filled in with new love and higher dimensional upgrades and downloads.

There is something karmic about this lunar eclipse as Saturn challenges our emotional need for vulnerability and recognition while Pluto supports us in feeling empowered through our pain and finally learning the lesson that we’ve been avoiding and running from for so long.

Rahu (The North Node) also opens the door to new directions and possibilities as soul contracts expire and karmic debts paid off. Soul mates are leaving and new ones are coming in and you must be willing to move through the fear that may arise deep from your unconscious self (Pluto) all the way up through your emotional subconscious self (the moon).

This eclipse is about permanence and shadow work and radical self-acceptance as we journey through this dark tunnel ready to emerge on the other side where all of our dreams exist now. Every aspect of your mind self is coming together to create an experience that you can use as vehicle to navigate through your reality with more ease.


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