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The AstroMedium: Saturn RetroSHADE

On October 10th, the day of the 1010 portal opening, the planetary ruler of the 10th sign of Capricorn stations direct and enters retroSHADE at 6 degrees of Aquarius.

As Saturn moves forward through the zodiac, he must now make his way back to 13 degrees of Aquarius where he was when he stationed retrograde. This process is known as a shadow period or “retroshade” and this is a time of integration as energies within us that have been restructured begin ti show up externally in our real life experience.

Although Saturn’s retrograde doesn’t feel as visceral as the retrogrades of the inner planets, it’s effects are still very real and express themselves through the collective energy field as we feel an extra amount of obligatory pressure and an internal reorganization.

This inward restructuring that lasted several months moved us into uncomfortable places, challenging our less mature perspectives on life and testing our self-discipline in ways that could possibly create cycles of shame, guilt and feelings of failure.

Saturn seems like a total dick, right?! In all fairness, he IS but if it weren’t for Saturn this entire reality wouldn’t remain solid in form and none of us would feel compelled to achieve anything meaningful.

During this retroshade, the broken pieces of your fractured immaturity begin to reassembled and reintegrate into a new, more solid form. This could be equally as uncomfortable as the retrograde of you aren’t disciplined enough to push past the obstacles in your path but most of us will find that the lingering pressure will lift slowly but surely.

This is a time where many of our long term goals begin manifesting into physical reality and the rewards of our hard work crystallize into tangible experiences and opportunities that act as a stabilizing force and sturdy foundation for growth.

“I have put in the work and I’m ready to receive all the rewards and abundance that I’ve earned and deserve.”

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