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The AstroMedium: Pluto Trine North Node 2022

“You don’t have to know what your purpose is to move in the direction of it.” Just follow the call.

On February 15th, Pluto in Capricorn makes an exact trine to Rahu in Taurus. This energy became available to us in mid-January and it will fade out of reception by mid-March so we have time to know what’s up and plan accordingly.

The exact hit of this powerfully harmonious aspect occurs just one week before the long awaited USA Pluto Return where Pluto will reach 27 degrees and 33 minutes of Capricorn where it was on July 4th, 1776.

Pluto returns can either make it break a nation and basing it off of history, it has succeeded in making both possibilities a reality. But the fact that Rahu has just recently entered Taurus starting a new nodal cycle gives this Pluto Return much more hope.

Although trines are harmonious, that does not mean Pluto will play nice. This energy has every intention of unearthing all that is hidden in the shadows so that we can clean house & renovate.

Both Pluto & Rahu are energies that work outside of the realm of the third dimension. Pluto being the most powerful of the trans-dimensional planets and Rahu representing our direction from a soul perspective shows that we are working with energies that are not normally accessible.

At this time, notice the heaviness within you and the collective and pay close attention to the internal pull that seeks to put you in your power in ways that may not be obvious at first. Pluto represents soul contracts & the evolution of the psyche and with Rahu pointing the way toward our collective destiny, all we have to do is let go and step up.

While the fear and the dark night of the soul are gut wrenching at times, be patient. All these people you let go of during Venus retrograde are nothing compared to the soul mates that are currently coming into your experience, to transform you forever & assist you in finding your path.

I have Pluto in Scorpio Sextile Rahu (North Node) in Capricorn my natal chart! Do you have any Pluto/North Node aspects?! Let me know! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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