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The AstroMedium: Pluto Retrograde

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning colors, the weather is getting colder and just as nature plans it’s annual death before it’s rebirth in the spring, Pluto goes direct! Or as I like to say, Pluto stations retroSHADE!

Pluto’s retrograde occurs every year for around 5 months so although it can seem frightening, chances are you‘re living through a Pluto retrograde just about half the time in your life so it’s nothing to fear…. necessarily.

Pluto’s Retrogrades can be brutal especially if you are experiencing difficult Pluto transits at that time but this energetic effect is not only helpful but necessary.

While Pluto was traveling backward, we experience a yearly descent into the underworld of our subconscious mind called the unconscious where soul contracts, outdated beliefs, destructive patterns and shadow aspects lie dormant until Pluto unearths then from your psyche.

Sound scary? It is! Because what rises up with this concoction of shadow material are deep, psychological fears that must be faced to be burned through and used for empowerment.

The retrograde is an internal journey and symbolic of a butterfly chrysalis but the retroshade is the unavoidable “breaking of the shell“ as we experience a final painful moment as the new, more evolved versions of ourselves are reborn from the ashes and true transformation can be seen in real life.

Use this time to check in with your inner world and deep psychological self. What kinds of shadows have come up for you since May? What behaviors have you noticed that need your love and attention? What have you been afraid of this year?

Pluto retroSHADE will allow all of your deep, inner work to express itself back to you in the form of life experiences and more evolved perspective.

Pluto is currently transiting my 6th house and about to cross my descendant into my 7th house. Which house is it transiting for you?

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