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The AstroMedium: Pisces New Moon 2022

2022 is already turning out to be the softer, more magical 2020 with so many more souls awakening to their divine potential and more streams of higher dimensional information coming in than ever before. This year will mark the first time in our lives that we’ve experienced both Jupiter and Neptune both joining forces in their ruling sign of Pisces and it’s nothing short of mystical and magical.

On March 2nd, the moon & the sun join forces at 12 degrees of Pisces, which in itself is significantly synchronistic as this is a Pisces degree point in zodiacal degree theory, and if there was any planet we would choose to join the sun and the moon in their mystical journey through Pisces, it’s Jupiter.

New moons are a blending of the conscious (sun) and the subconscious (moon) minds and this is expressed at a very primal level through ego and emotional response. But Jupiter represents the higher mind, pointed toward optimism and faith and the benefic giant is preparing to join forces with Neptune, ruler of dreams beyond the subconscious.

This blending of harmonic forces unveils many delusions lying hidden in the unseen realms of your consciousness and has the power to shift your spiritual beliefs in profound ways. Even in ways you aren’t expecting, thanks to the supportive Sextile from Uranus which is sure you agitate our restless nerves. Don’t be surprised if you’re surprised by how this new moon surprises you.

So much energy is happening around this new moon that you may find yourself hiding and escaping in ways that may not serve you or your spiritual growth. Forgiving yourself is key and showing yourself love is the way to soothe yourself through this overstimulation. However, a square to Ceres just hours before the exact activation point of the new moon could unearth many areas in your psyche where you could use some re-parenting (not re-punishing).

This promises to be the most Piscean new moon of our entire lives thus far so if you are feeling like things aren’t real, life is a simulation, things are too good to be true…. Let that go. It’s supposed to feel this way and this is showing you how possible that magical life really is. Don’t tune out, tune ALL the way in. Get quiet, listen, relax, sleep, dream and stay grounded as much as you can.

There are many energies active at this time outside of the new moon experience which could be important in how you set your intentions for this new lunar cycle coming up. Venus, Mars, Pluto AND Vesta are all conjunct in Capricorn so don’t be ashamed if you are feeling more sexual, more clingy, more controlling or guilty about your dark sexual desires. Again, I would be shocked if you weren’t feeling inflamed at this time.

Whats most interesting to me is that Juno, the asteroid of marriage & long term relationships is in the freedom-oriented, unconventional, and rebellious sign of Aquarius squaring off with Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, doubling up on specific themes in long term relationships such as boundaries, space, freedom and individuality.

Take some time during this new moon to do a ritual (there is one above in the photo collection), relax and meditate when you can and set your intentions around what you want to manifest in the next cycle while focusing on where you could be more open hearted with the ones you love and how beautiful it is to be a sexual being and how healing that part of you can actually bring you closer to divine spirit.

This new moon is occurring in the 8th house of my natal chart! Which house is it activating for you? Let me know! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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