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The AstroMedium: Pallas Retroshade

We’ve moved through many challenging energies in the past four months as planet upon planet went retrograde leaving our heads spinning and our inner world craving for stability and peace.

October was a month of relief as many of these planets stationed direct, ending their retrograde journey and now Pallas, the asteroid goddess of pattern recognition + mental healing joins the retroSHADE party.

When a planet stations direct, they enter a shadow period known as a retroSHADE where the planet must retrace its steps back to the exact zodiacal degree point where they were when they made a sharp u-turn and headed backward.

Although this doesn't reverse the energy of the planet per se, it does change its reception from being an external experience to an internal one and with Pallas being the goddess of war, this inward dynamic becomes an internal battle with your ego as the opposing force.

Pallas represents many things astrologically from the way you see patterns and how your brain redirects neuropathways in the healing process, to how you move through conflict using strategy and spiritual wisdom. And being in the sign of Pisces, trusting your intuition and connecting to spirit is crucial at this time.

During Pallas‘ annual four-month retrograde journey, we began to see patterns within ourselves that kept us from reaching our highest potential and the louder our internal intuitive voice became, the more we chose to not listen. This resulted in choosing manipulation over negotiation and using these unevolved patterns to get what we want which ultimately left us drained and spiritually broken.

This retrograde was not in vein, however, as this gave us a chance to reach necessary conclusions about where we are in our process with more understanding of what needs healing in deep and profound ways.

Now that Pallas is moving forward again, we now have a chance to integrate what was experienced into our everyday lives where true healing and growth takes places and with more wisdom gained from the experience that gives way to trust in self as well as the divine.

As Pallas continues to move through Pisces, our need to connect with something higher than ourselves will support our plans and goals just in time for lucky Jupiter to join the Pisces party, taking our spiritual perspectives to the next level in 2022.

My Pallas sign is Virgo in the 3rd house! What’s your Pallas sign + house placement?

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