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The AstroMedium: Pallas in Aries 2022

What a wonderful way to get the fire started just in time for the most passionate & physically intimate holiday of the year. On Valentine’s Day, Pallas will leave behind the peaceful, spiritually connected Pisces and enters the aggressive, competitive sign of Aries and while there are difficulties with this energy, there are benefits too!

Aries is an initiator, a leader and a warrior and this cardinal fire sign falls under the domain of Mars, the god of war and these energies are highly masculine in nature & extremely primal.

Pallas is named after Athena, the GODDESS of war and wisdom. Where Mars is offensive, Pallas is defensive. When Mars uses violence to win, Pallas used diplomacy and even highly intelligent mental manipulation to move through conflict with ease and grace.

Pallas will not traverse through Aries very long compared to spending almost the entire year of 2020 in Aquarius & 2021 in Pisces. During this time we may feel more energized but also more aggressive and less patient when trying to resolve issues.

One of my favorite aspects of Pallas energy is pattern recognition and like Chiron, she is a healing asteroid but instead of representing the wound itself, she represents how we heal and gain mental wisdom through the wound.

While in Pisces, we felt a strong need to practice our spirituality while gaining wisdom through meditation, psychic work & dreams. We preferred peaceful protests versus violent outrage and hypnotherapy, plant medicine & other ego dissolving healing modalities were very effective at that time.

As Pallas moves through Aries, we will gain our wisdom & healing through connecting back to our sense of self & our physical body while physical exertion of all kinds allow for great rewiring of the brain to happen.

We may be quick to push back or get heated during this time so it’s important to notice these patterns so you can become the best quickly and win!

My Pallas is in Virgo in the 3rd house! What’s your Pallas sign? Let me know! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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