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On May 30th, Pallas in Pisces forms an exact conjunction (0 degree angle) to Neptune in Pisces. We will feel this energy become available to us on May 4th and it will fade out of reception by June 25th.

Pallas is also known as Pallas Athena and although Mars is the god of war, this asteroid is named after the Goddess of war and wisdom and this energy may be more subtle and refined but it comes with very specific strengths.

Pallas is responsible for defensive action (Mars being offensive) and in your natal chart, she shows me your strategizing abilities and how you move through conflict and obstacles with higher wisdom and intent. She also represents healing of the mind and I look to her to gain insight into your pattern recognition abilities.

When Pallas went into Pisces in March, we became more focused on spiritual practices and using compass-ION like a compass to move through things with more ease. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces so she was always going to join up with the planet of dreams and illusions and this simply doubles up on her Piscean energy flow.

Through this we receive even MORE guidance from spirit and our higher selves to help us navigate through these energetically challenging times with more ease and our intent-ION and intuit-ION are the ionic charge that surges through this beautifully dreamy energy signature.

I invite you to learn more about IONATION, a new multi-dimensional framework to help you navigate your reality as an ascending being. Created by Darshana Patel (@unscriptedway ), this models breaks down the code to reality itself and helps you unhook from the matrix and create your reality like your soul intended to do.

I have Pallas in Virgo making an exact trine (120 degree angle) to Neptune in Capricorn in my chart. Do you have any Pallas/Neptune aspects in your’s?

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