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The AstroMedium: Nodal Shift 2022

We are several weeks in to the newly shifted nodal energies and there’s so much astrological activity happening with the nodes that I find it important to discuss again.

I will be referring to Rahu (North Node) for the majority of this article but please remember that if Rahu is in a conversation with a particular point or planet that Ketu (the south node) is also.

Rahu & Ketu are the same energy just two opposite ends of the spectrum and this nodal axis is fundamental to understanding much about your purpose & destiny.

Ceres, the asteroid of parenthood, self-care & acceptance, is still traversing the zodiac hand in hand with Rahu since they joined forces in late 2021 and this energy stands out to me because it’s calling us to accept our path where it currently is and to nurture the self in ways that prepare us to release and move forward lighter and more aligned than ever.

The Nodal axis shifting into Taurus & Scorpio synchronistically represents holding on & letting go. This is the primordial quandary that these two opposing forces are always pulling each other toward but Rahu is where want to look for where we are going & Ketu acts as a reference point & safety net that can either bring comfort or stubbornness and working with these fixed astrological energies can make it difficult to follow through with change.

The most interesting energy to me is the harmoniously supportive trine that Pluto is making to Rahu and this is the most powerful force we are experiencing at the moment. And what’s even cooler is how this conversation is happening during the USA Pluto Return which will assist us in choosing a new path, one that’s more stable and secure.

My Rahu is in Capricorn in the 6th & my Ketu is in Cancer in the 12th. Tell me your nodal axis!

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Natal North North in Libra and natal South Node in Aries. The SN is currently hitting my 5th house 😏

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