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The AstroMedium: NEW MOON IN TAURUS 🌑♉️

On May 11th at exactly 3:00pm eastern time, the moon in Taurus will form an exact conjunction (zero degree angle) to the Sun. While this is an important moon phase all on its own, the energies surrounding this supportive lunar event are chaotic, connective and packed full of growth.

This is a time of change and for the sun and the moon to be in Taurus, you would think change would be hard to come by. Although, this moon may pull you into your comfort zone, it will also give you a comfortable space to enjoy yourself as you prepare to make important decisions that will not only change the trajectory of your life in the long term but will bring in more love, acceptance and commitment.

At the time of this new moon, the sun and the moon are receiving supportive sextiles from Neptune, dissolving the boundaries between the ego and the subconscious mind while at the same time thinning the veil between dimensional planes, giving you more access to unhealed wounds and traumas and connecting you to spirit and your higher self.

The sun and moon will also be forming a conjunction to Lilith who infuses her witchy energy into this experience bringing more acceptance and wholeness to this physical experience. Mars will be in a tense square (90 degree angle) with Chiron so we may be pushing hard and forcing shit out of insecurity or a feeling of lack.

And if that wasn’t enough, Mars then forms a Sextile to Uranus on the same day, giving you an opportunity to make impulsive decisions and take inspired action, even if it disrupts your comfort.

Ground your energy, let go of shit you don’t need that is weighing you down, and when you are firmly in your body, connect to spirit and open your third eye as you prepare to heal another layer and finally make all those changes you’ve been waiting to make.

This new moon will be transiting my 11th house in my natal chart. Which house is she transiting for you?

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