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The AstroMedium: New Moon in Scorpio

As we approach the final act of 2021, where Saturn and Uranus square off for the 3rd time, we move through a refreshing and stabilizing eclipse season that begins with the New Moon in Scorpio, occurring on November 4th at 5:15pm eastern time.

As the eclipse axis shifts from Gemini/Sagittarius to Taurus/Scorpio, we move into a period where the energies we've been working through seem to harden and become more tangible. And although the first eclipse during the Taurus full moon in two weeks, this new moon in Scorpio really should act as your energetic starting point, where seeds of radical change can take root and hook in deep.

You want to take a look at which house contains the Scorpio 12th degree point as this is the area of life that is being activated + illuminated by both the sun and the moon at this time.

These themes may show up in ways that expose our unevolved behavior and trigger our wounds but with the sun and moon in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus, the idea of letting go of something to make room for something new becomes the top focus and the end result.

Electrifying Uranus can help you progress further on your journey by awakening you to a new future potential, a more advanced timeline. However, sudden + surprising doesn’t appeal too much to fixed sign energies such as Taurus + Scorpio but if that wasn’t enough, Saturn in Aquarius also joins the conversation just to make things more challenging….. literally that’s his job.

The square to Saturn from all three planets forms a tense chart pattern known as a t-square and this seems more like a cosmic sneak peak than an opening act. The opposition from Uranus overrules the restrictive square from Saturn buy it does foreshadow events to come as we prepare for the final Saturn/Uranus square on December 24th of this year.

Its also important to discuss the 3 quincunxes that the moon will make to Chiron, Lilith and Ceres forming an even more peculiar chart pattern known as a “YOD” or finger of god, which creates an uneasy energy around this lunation that calls for constant adjustments to the way we process our trauma and reparent ourselves.

The best way to nurture yourself at this time is to express those parts of you that you are scared of, respond in new ways even if it means getting angry or showing your vulnerability and allowing space for you to process the heavier parts of your journey before jumping into the next project or relationship.

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