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The AstroMedium: New Moon in Libra

On October 6th at 7:06am est, the moon will form an exact conjunction to the Sun in Libra and this may feel more like a full moon in many ways so prepare yourself!

Libra energies stimulate our desire for partnership while inspiring us to see the beauty in the world and find harmony + balance in our lives. While this new moon event will definitely tip the scales, it’s going to take some serious fortitude to bring this see-saw into equilibrium.

This may sound unsettling but it’s quite necessary as we are currently in the middle of our 3rd and final Mercury Retrograde and this is also occurring the cardinal air sign bringing communication issues within relationships, unexpected technological glitches and a revisitation of unhealthy relational patterns that are desperately seeking to be healed and worked out.

So although peace, love and harmony are not the tools of choice, they will definitely be the result. The moon forms a conjunction to Mars and this conjunction will bring quick reactions, impulsive responses, and hot tempers so allow yourself and others freedom of expression without judgment.

What’s even more uncomfortable about this moon is an opposition from Chiron, triggering unresolved wounds and traumas to the surface which could make you want to walk away from the situation and hide. However, these triggers are not to wound your more but to shine a light on areas of congestion and distrust that needs soothing and emotional vulnerability. This will bring healing and a new way of dealing with others going forward.

So many energies crammed into one lunation that it may feel chaotic and volatile but this can be looked at as a climactic culmination point for relationships and our healing journey this year as so many energies get expressed and released, allowing our systems and our life experience to return back to balance in new, formerly impossible ways.

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This new moon occurs in my 4th house. Which house is it activating for YOU?

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