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The AstroMedium: NEW MOON IN CANCER 🌑♋️

On July 9th at exactly 9:17pm eastern time, the moon in Cancer makes an exact conjunction (0 degree angle) to the Sun giving birth to new energies that will assist us in moving forward post-eclipse season. You will feel this energy become available on July 6th and it will fade out of reception by the 13th.

The conjunction of the sun and the moon always marks the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one but this moon is particularly potent as it is our first true new beginning since this wildly insane eclipse season and the moon is in her domicile, Cancer.

This moon pulls us into her deep waters with ease and grace, turning us inward toward our own inner dimensions where our intuition cannot be ignored. In this shell we are safe and comfortable but that does not mean we are off the hook.

The moon’s gravitational pull sucks you under like a roaring tide as she stands in opposition with the lord of the underworld, taking you to the deep, depths of your unconscious mind where fears and shadows reign supreme so be mindful of the intensity of your emotions at this time. Your desire to control and hold on will be destroyed so let go before Pluto cuts your hand off to make it so.

Pluto transforms our crab shells into tightly bound cocoons and while the dark can feel uncertain, this is where true healing can occur. As mother moon squares off with Chiron, the wounded healer, be prepared to come face to face with your weaknesses and insecurities as emotional triggers give way to new understandings of how to heal yourself in new and profound ways.

Current cosmic energies may have you wanting make changes in the midst of incessant delays and obstacles but the more you push, the more life will push back so thankfully Uranus + Neptune are supportive this moon to assist you in waking up to more of your potential and receiving guidance from spirit when you need it the most.

Please enjoy this customized, new moon in Cancer ritual to assist you in using these energies so that they don’t use YOU! Much love to you! 💖

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