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The AstroMedium: Mercury RetroShade 2022 (Capricorn + Aquarius)

On February 3rd, Mercury ends it’s first of three annual retrogrades and what a way to start off 2022 with Mercury AND Venus both in the sign of Capricorn and BOTH RETROGRADE! Needless to say, our lives have been under strict revisions and this doesn’t always feel too pleasant.

This retrograde journey represented reaching for new possibilities while maintaining hope but it also called you to take another look at your view points and your logic surrounding important issues and relationships.

What we have now is a beautiful path laid out for us via Mercury and Venus as they point the way toward the planets in Aquarius and then Jupiter in Neptune in Pisces at the zenith of it all.

Where can you be more practical and disciplined as well as how can you show up for more fully and responsibly in your partnerships? These are important questions to ask yourself as we move forward through this retroshade with more closure, new understanding of old dynamics, and a more structured game plan that will see my goals and future hopes through to the end.

Typical Mercury retrograde BS still applies and why let Mercury use you when you can use it’s energy to your benefit? You can only be used by a planet’s energy if you are not conscious of its influence.

Mercury will be finishing its retrograde cycle in the 6th and 7th houses of my natal chart. Which house is it activating for you?

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