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The AstroMedium: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini/Taurus 2022

I love Mercury Retrograde!!

As a Mercury in Gemini native, I am no stranger to the effects of Mercury Retrograde but although the 3D experience of this retroactive force can seem chaotic or even messy, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As I tune into the collective field and I receive downloads about this Mercury Retrograde, I am immediately taken to the 5D result and this should be celebrated.

Think of the “Hanged Man” card in the tarot deck…. This is not a bad card nor does it even indicate a challenge but what it does offer you is the reminder to take a second look and often from an entirely different perspective.

As Mercury journey’s backward we move from multiple perspectives (Gemini) back into a singular focus (Taurus) but haven’t we already covered these tracks?

Sure, Mercury just traversed through Taurus the past several weeks but only from one direction, now we get to experience our perspectives shifting and we see our mental processing from a new perspective, allowing for our basic needs to be revisited and value systems reinforced.

Throat chakra upgrades are coming in strong during this time so although it may seem that people are misunderstanding you or your point wasn’t taken the right way, consider that you are working through blockages within your own energy field, which is in turn pulling “blocked” experiences up to the surface for you to push past them.

Mercury retrograde is not about being heard it’s about listening and paying attention to where your ability to receive new information (Gemini) is being blocked by your inability to shift to a new perspective in reasonable time (Taurus).

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