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The AstroMedium: Mercury in Scorpio

The last few months have been quite a ride since Mercury entered Libra on August 16th and his time in the cardinal air sign has taken many twists and turns and even a back spin as we experienced our third and final air sign Mercury Retrograde of 2021.

Mercury performs well in Libra gaining multiple perspectives and a idealistic point of view but Mercury must now take his emotions in to account and trust his intuition as he enters the deep, psychological underworld that is Scorpio.

This Scorpio season has been emblazoned with strength as Mars decided to join the Scorpio party but issues arise when Mercury joins the festivities late as themes of control and obsession hit our mental bodies full force.

There are no “bad” placements in astrology but this energy is nothing short of challenging to say the least. And that is the Scorpion way, divulge as little as possible in as few words as one can manage as to maintain the power and leave the opponent gushing for more.

While, indeed, Mercury in Scorpio can be secretive, obsessive, and direct while lacking the ability to see the gray area, this placement increases our mental intuition and helps us get to the bottom of issues without wasting time.

If you want to win a game of Clue, look for someone with Mercury in Scorpio or Mercury conjunct Pluto in their chart. What they lack in effective verbal communication they make up for in instincts and intensity that allows them to see through bullshit and magnetize you with their understanding of the human collective mind.

Look to see which houses Scorpio rules in your chart. This is the house Mercury will be activating for you during this time! Mine is the 4th and 5th houses! Which houses does Scorpio rule in your chart?

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