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The AstroMedium: Mercury in Sagittarius 2021

Like breath of fresh or rather a burst of hot wind, Sagittarius season is in full effect. Just days after the Sun entered the mutable fire sign on November 24th, Mercury joins the party and trades in his stinger for a bow and arrow and although he’s entering the sign of his detriment, the intensity of Scorpio season will completely come to a fiery end.

Mercury rules the detail-oriented, quick-witted sign of Gemini which is the sign that opposes Sagittarius so Mercury’s data-oriented, analytical nature is challenged when he plays the role of the philosophical centaur.

Mercury and Gemini rule the lower mind, the mind that is responsible for learning through stimulus, memorization and analysis. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so not only is this the energy of optimism and good luck but they both represent the higher mind, the mind that sees the big picture, the higher perspective and the part of you that gives meaning to your experience and formulates beliefs.

Mercury in Sagittarius is a coalescing of opposing forces but for a greater good as our conversations becomes more cultured and meaningful and our minds begin to thrive on learning knowledge that expands our minds as well as our possibilities.

Where Gemini can talk endlessly and at times without purpose, Sagittarius gets its point across quickly and directly. Although just as restless and quick-witted as it’s air-sign counter part, Sagittarius takes intelligence to the next level and sees the world with an broad mind and a fiery optimism.

Those with Mercury in Sagittarius love to learn and are interested in all religions, cultures and ways of life as their minds thrive through constant expansion and a willingness to adapt to new morals and beliefs.

Although Mercury in Sagittarius can have its difficulties and these natives can often be seen as “too blunt” by some, for others these people are the exact blend of honesty and straight forwardness that is needed to take conversations and ideas to the next level where optimism brings abundance and knowledge turns to wisdom.

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