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The AstroMedium: Mercury in Capricorn

On December 13th, Mercury leaves behind the wildly direct & intelligently optimistic Sagittarius and enters pragmatic & responsible Capricorn, joining Venus, Juno & Pluto in helping us to get real and stay focused.

In Sagittarius, our minds were free to roam and discover new possibilities as conversations focused on the big picture and the pace was anything but slow. In Capricorn, Mercury’s speed slows down but only because the incline faces up and although it may take longer to run up the mountain, our determination is stronger than ever.

Where Sagittarius lacked in sustaining focus, Capricorn excels in achieving long term goals so while we may not be as “half-glass-full” as we’ve been the past few weeks, our pessimism gives way to strong critical thinking skills and more effective strategies that get us to the finish line.

Capricorn is an ambitious sign & being a cardinal earth sign, it loves to dominate the material world and during this time we may need to catch ourselves when try to dominate the conversation and let people have their fantasies without trying to burst their bubbles or keep them in check.

There’s a bossy tone to Mercury in Capricorn which can be authoritarian and seeks to instill discipline but use your more pragmatic view to assist you in leveling yourself up rather than beating others down with your words.

Although, Mercury will enter Aquarius on January 2nd, 2022, the planet of communication will begin its first retrograde cycle of the year shortly after and re-enter Capricorn on January 25th where it will join in on a Capricorn super stellium occuring on the 29th.

With so much spiritual, other worldly energies emerging in 2022, we are being prepared by the cosmos to stay grounded so we can transmute our dreams into a tangible reality.

Mercury will be traveling through my 6th and 7th houses during his stay in Capricorn. Which houses is it transiting for you?

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