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The AstroMedium: Mercury in Aries 2022

The planet of communication & information transference is moving swiftly through the zodiac like the devilish sprite that it is. We welcome this new spark of fresh energy with open arms as Mercury leaves behind the imaginative, psychic & sometimes delusional sign of Pisces & jumps head first into the fiery war zone of Aries.

Mercury does not function well in Pisces as it’s main data absorbing & data computing properties are weakened which affected our conversations contributing to pretty significant misunderstandings & an inability to think through things logically & in a grounded way.

Although telepathy & increased psychic awareness was our gift during Pisces season, now Mercury joins the sun by crossing the finish line and starting all over again. But this time, on a new turn of the cosmic spiral.

Mercury now gets to express itself without hesitation, speaking what it’s needs are with zero apologies and dominating conversations. Our perception shifts from the astral plane to the most primal parts of our ego structure so ensure you are breathing before you respond and trying to think before you speak.

This placement could lead to to some pretty intense debates & arguments if we are activating the lower potential of Aries energy but from a higher perspective, this energy can help you make decisions quickly & focus on you for the time being which is your next phase in your yearly cosmic reset.

Some key dates to look out for:

✨April 2nd: Mercury joins forces with the sun & Chiron on the same day which could lead to major triggers within conversations & speaking from a place of insecurity instead of confidence if we are not being aware.

✨April 5th: Mercury joins forces with Pallas, the asteroid of mental healing and pattern recognition so pay attention to what comes up for you around April 2nd & then use Pallas’ energy to spit patterns in yourself that are ready to be unhooked & take action toward these changes as this will directly transmute pieces of your wound.

My Mercury is in Gemini in the 11th house! What’s your Mercury sign & house placement? Let me know! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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