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On August 11th, Mercury evolves beyond the confines of his egoic mind and takes our journey forward using careful planning and a more practical approach when he enters his ruling sign of Virgo. Take a look at which house(s) Virgo rules in your natal chart and that is the area of your life that Mercury is communicating through for you during this time.

Mercury in Leo was like recess and play time and while ideas were more bold and conversations more grand, fine details were missed and facts were not checked and now that the show is over, may the analyzing begin.

Mercury does exceptionally well in Virgo as his analytical, detail oriented and data processing skills are functioning at peak performance and although speaking from the heart was needed when Mercury skipped merrily through Leo, now the focus shifts to the mind, where communication on this level functions best.

Mercury in Virgo is an excellent placement but during this time we may become obsessed with details and fine tuning that we may not see the higher perspective. Our words will seek to heal the person on the receiving end but revealing to them what needs to be fixed in such minute ways may us more sensitive to criticism.

This is a time to get focused on your daily habits and routines and you may find yourself getting to work on time more and traffic jams lessen as a general sense of order and logical reasoning seem to boost the efficiency of our daily lives.

Although not the most exciting conversationalists, Mercury in Virgo natives are quick thinkers and even better listeners with an eye for perfection and an unmatched intellectual intelligence that is valued by others but unseen by them giving them a down-to-earth relatable modesty that is not only trustworthy but healing as well.

Mercury will be moving through the 2nd house in my natal chart while in Virgo. Which house is he transiting for you?

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