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The AstroMedium: MERCURY ENTERS LEO 🧠➡️♌️🦁✨

We all know that person that gets bored when you’re not talking about them and can’t seem to bring their volume down for anything. Chances are they may have Mercury in Leo! On July 27th, Mercury breaks free of the comfortable confines of his crab shell and bursts forth, landing center stage, in the spotlight!

This is not a particularly great time to solve problems, think critically and focus on the details, which Mercury is designed to do but as he puts on the lion costume, he gets to express himself with grandeur and style.

We will find that our minds become more fixated on outcomes and our communication style takes on a more confident yet sometimes arrogant tone and couple that with the tendency to not be able to go that deep and we have a few weeks of fun and frustration.

Leo is fixed, which means he represents a slow burning, steady flame and this energy can hold tightly to ideas and beliefs that seem to fit its dramatically inflated idea of self and the lion’s pride can often get in the way of hearing anything new and his loud tone can even resemble the rumbling roar of a fierce lion.

But let’s face it, Leo is a cowardly lion in many ways, he just wants to be loved and adored so he’s usually more bark than he is bite and he just desperately wants you to know he’s passionate and that he’s right!

During his star trek through Leo, Mercury will experience a lot of tension as he activated the Saturn/Uranus square so be mindful that we dont make impulsive decisions or be to rigid with our ideas. He also will receive immense support from Chiron to allow healing of the mind to take on its fullest expression.

Mercury will be transiting my 1st house in my natal chart! Which is he transiting for you??

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