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The AstroMedium: Mars in Sagittarius 2021

On December 13th, Mars leaves behind his powerful ruling sign of Scorpio and enters wild & free-spirited Sagittarius which will support our energy into evolving into a higher purpose.

Although Mars in Sagittarius may not perform as well as when he played the role of the Scorpion, taking on the role of the straight-shooting centaur breathes new life into our physical bodies, boosting our sense of adventure and increasing our speed.

Mars is the planet of aggression and we look to Mars to see how you exert yourself physically in the world, where thoughts intiate action and impulses become manifest. There is an egoic energy in Mars and a masculine force that exerts its will upon anything standing in its way, it is the warrior after all.

However, in Sagittarius, the warrior may not follow through on the impulses when they strike and it’s hard to fight when you have the wisdom to not do so. Mars in Sagittarius natives are adventurous and impulsive while being quick to action and restless with their physical energy.

However, much of what is started is not finished for these people, leaving blazing trails of wild fire behind them as they escape their impulses with hopeful abandon.

I personally love Mars in Sagittarius because it gives us a purpose to our action and there’s not beating around the bush. We know what we want and we move toward it with speed and agility and faith and optimism are like the wind beneath our wings, assisting us trying less and getting more.

Remember during this time to slow down when your body has had enough and don’t be surprised if you get bored before you reach that which you desire and you act on another impulse. This energy is about fun and adventure, not about completion and winning. Mars will enter Capricorn soon enough.

Mars will be in my 4th and 5th houses during his stay in Sagittarius. Which houses is he heating up for you?

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