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The AstroMedium: Mars Enters Scorpio

Are you ready for some passion and drive? I know I am, the last 6 weeks have been stressful on our physical energy as we’ve tried to keep ourselves in balance between doing everything ourselves or trusting in others to support our process.

This has caused an imbalance to many of our energies but with a greater trust in others and our new found sense of balance we prepare to sink our teeth in deep as Mars enters the ambitious and intuitive sign of Scorpio.

Mars no longer has to wait for the approval of others and incessant indecision that being in Libra caused us and now gets to be himself again but with more intelligence and a stronger sense of purpose.

Mars rules Aries, yes, but although Scorpio is a water sign and an energy that does not precipitate impulsivity, we can now take action using more than our instincts. We will be transformed by a boosted sacral energy that seeks depth and truth which will help see our endeavors through to the end.

Mars in Scorpio, while excellently placed, can be likened to being burned by ice. While slower to inflict pain, the results can be even equally as deadly and if you have Mars in Scorpio, you know what it’s like when you get angry….. terrifying. And lucky for you, it’s your Mars Return!

For generators and mani-gens, this energy will be most favorable for you as your sacral center will be lit with more intensity, giving you more energy to use than during your day. For non-sacral aura types (Manifestors, Reflectors and Projectors), you will need to listen to your bodies more as the sacral energy you absorb from others will be more intense at this time.

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