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The AstroMedium: Mars Enters Libra

On September 14th, Mars leaves behind the careful and cautious structures of Virgo to dive deep into detriment as he enters one of his least favorites signs….. Libra.

While this placement has many advantages, it also has many more challenges as Mars must journey through the part of the zodiac which is 180 degrees away from his ruling sign of Aries, weakening his energy flow and slowing down progress.

Mars in Virgo was a time of careful planning and although we were slower to take action out of perfectionism and an inability to take risks, this placement yields even slower results as we find ourselves stuck in indecision and shying away from confrontation.

Conflict is apart of life and Aries/Mars energy are made for this type of energy field but Libra on the other hand is the people pleaser. Peace, love and harmony are the name of the game so as we continue our evolution through the zodiac this year, this will be one of the most challenging times for getting things done.

Not only are we too dependent on others to get our own engines started, we may even create more issues by letting necessary conflict resolution fall by the way side in an attempt to keep the peace but we all know what happens when we suppress natural impulses.

Be mindful at this time of your kidneys and inflammation as Libra and Mars together can create issues in these areas and if you find yourself pulling back or not wanting to face something head on, do it anyway. That’s the best advice for Mars in Libra season is to face it head on and although there’s nothing wrong with asking for help, just know that it is 10 times more rewarding when you can get things done your way.

Mars will be transiting my 3rd and 4th houses in my natal chart during this time. Which houses will he be transiting for you?! Let me know ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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