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The AstroMedium: LILITH CONJUNCT CERES 🦹🏽💫🧝🏾‍♀️✨

On August 8th, the same day as the New Moon in Leo + Lion’s Gate Portal, Black Moon Lilith forms an exact conjunction (0 degree angle) to the asteroid, Ceres, at 2 degrees of Gemini and this dynamic line up couldn’t have occurred at a more magical time.

There are many energies coming into our consciousness around this new moon including new insights, light codes, sudden downloads and dna activations and on top of of the many ascension symptoms that are occurring as a result, one of the biggest ones are mood swings emotional purging.

What may come up to be purged may be densities that have been lying hidden or suppressed in the subconscious (the moon) and the keeper of this domain is Lilith and I like to think of her as the love child between Mars, Pluto AND Uranus. She’s wild, free, enraged, uncompromising, independent and dark but while her energy can house darker themes, she holds the door open for the bitch in us to be freed so that the witch in us can be seen.

Lilith energy is a pressure point and it seeks to be expressed and when suppressed or worse, oppressed, her energy finds destructive ways to be expelled and we can become vengeful, mean and damaging to others but Lilith joins forces with the earth mother, Ceres, allowing for this energy to release in healthier, more supportive ways.

Ceres is the largest asteroid in our solar system and her frequency, like Lilith, is related to the moon in that she is the energy of motherhood, parents, nurturing, loss and acceptance. Ceres gives Lilith a warm, safe, womb-like environment to unleash her darkness, transmuting these raw energies into light.

On the day of the new moon, these two moon-related energies are calling us to express ourselves fully and on all levels, even the energies that are too savage to be brought to light…. Until now.

I have Ceres in Libra and Lilith in Capricorn. What are your Lilith/Ceres signs?

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