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The AstroMedium: Jupiter Enters Retroshade

On October 18th, the same day that Mercury in Libra stations direct and enters Retroshade, the benefic planet of abundance and optimism also stations direct and I take this as a cosmic synchronicity from above that reminds us that when our perception changes, life rearranges.

While Mercury rules Gemini which represents the data processing + analyzing, lower mind, Jupiter rules lucky Sagittarius as he represents the philosophical, higher mind.

That higher perspective makes the positive things big and the negative things small but while Jupiter was retrograde, the negative aspects of your life got magnified as well sending us into a whirlwind of aiming too high and believing too low and on the 18th, these things have the opportunity to shrink.

Jupiter represents the expansion of human consciousness as we zoom out to the see the big picture and see to give it meaning. During Jupiter’s annual journey back, our world view may have reflected an inner dilemma between what’s right and what’s wrong as our outlook on life expand from the inside out.

Understanding your Jupiter sign is understanding your belief systems and how you can work with your spiritual beliefs to acquire more abundance. You’re working with your natural built in way you assign meaning to the experience you’re in and as Bashar says in his channelings, “Nothing outside of you has meaning until you give it meaning.”

If you give a negative experience a positive meaning you can only extract a positive result. Once Jupiter gets moving forward our inner expansion will show up in our life experience as we start to giving more positive meanings to things “out there” and our frequencies will natural tune to that which we desire and we are more likely to pull it right in.

My Jupiter Sign is in Leo in the 1st House. What’s your Jupiter sign and house placement?!

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