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The AstroMedium: Juno in Capricorn 2021

2021 has seen it's fair share of arduous astrological forces such as the square between Saturn and Uranus and three air-sign dominated Mercury retrogrades but one of the most challenging energies that has snuck under the radar was Juno and all the chaos she caused during her eleven-month long stay in Sagittarius.

Juno is the asteroid goddess of long-term relationships and energy exchanges between two or more people that are agreed upon or with whom we hold contracts with, like marriage.

If Venus and Saturn had a love child, it would be Juno and she represents a more refined, evolved aspect of our Venus energy. This is where we put our focus on others out of duty, obligation and respect versus simply being attracted to or taking pleasure in them.

Juno does well in many signs but Sagittarius ain't one of them! Take it from me, I have Juno in Aquarius, which in some ways is more challenging than Juno in Sagittarius but what we observe here is that Juno wants to be in a sign that commits and shows up consistently, that does mind being bound to an agreement and thrives in seeing the relationship through to the end.


On November 14th, Juno leaves behind the freedom-seeking, restless excitement of Sagittarius and enters the stable, structured and disciplined sign of Capricorn, within just a week of Venus also entering the same sign.

Venus and Juno have been travelling together for a few weeks now, both putting their relational focus on the same astrological energies and now, together they will take our long term relationships to the next level.

Juno's time in Sagittarius saw many challenges but just being in this sign allowed more space in long-term relationships as well as more freedom which for some, this energy helped create more space to grow but for others, boundaries were crossed and long-term relationships that were hanging on by a thread have seemed to completely unravel.... for the highest good, of course.

Now, Venus and Juno will strengthen the bonds between you and your spouse, roommate or even business partner, helping you to get "real" about what your needs are and how you are upholding your end of the bargain. This is also an excellent time to see your relationships mature to the next stage of commitment such as getting engaged, buying a house or renewing your vows.

The questions to ask yourself while Juno is in Capricorn: Am I getting back what I put in to this partnership? Does this partner show up for me consistently? Do I consider this person successful and am I proud to be with them? Is staying with this person the responsible thing to do? Am I with this person because I love them or because of their money or social status?

These are all great questions to smoke a blunt to this Juno in Capricorn season and although we aren't sure how exactly this will play out, one thing is for certain: your committed relationships will benefit from a greater sense of stability and structure so set some long-term goals and ask yourselves, "Where do we see ourselves in 10 years?"

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1 Comment

So what does it mean if my venus is in Capricorn and my bf juno is in Capricorn? Anything special?

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