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The AstroMedium: Juno in Aquarius

As the co-ruler of Libra & the 7th house, Juno is the asteroid goddess of marriage & long-term relationships and although similar to Venus, this energy is more fine tuned and hyper focused on the relational bonds that form between humans when agreements and contracts are made.

Juno shows me what you want from your life partner, how you approach the idea of marriage and how you exist within any relationship that requires commitment & consistency.

Juno may not have been the most romantic while in Capricorn but the aspects of Juno that relate to longevity & obligation were given the chance to flourish in arguably the most strategic ways making those with Juno in Capricorn excellent business partners.

Capricorn cares about the rules & wants to see something through to the end even if it hurts. Aquarius on the other hand…. Quite the opposite. Known as the “anti-sign”, Aquarius scoffs at tradition and marriage is one of the longest standing traditions that we in the modern world carry forward to this day.

On February 1st, Juno enters Aquarius and will remain in the fixed air sign until April 20th and having Juno in Aquarius at zero degrees in my natal chart means I am currently experiencing my Juno Return! A new long-term relationship on the horizon? My Juno in Aqua sure the hell hopes not!

Aquarius is one Juno’s least favorite signs to activate because it’s energy is so stifled by the way Aquarius takes its time to commit and prefers space, freedom and individuality within long-term relationships. which is not the conventional way in which marriages are expected to operate.

Those with Juno in Aquarius want a best friend as a life partner and we look for partners who are social enough to have their own friend groups and community life separate from the partnership. We may want to sleep in a separate bedroom or have our own homes altogether, but we can commit as long as we don’t feel like our individuality is at stake.

What’s your Juno sign? Let me know! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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