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The AstroMedium: Full Moon in Virgo 2022

This may be one of the most epic and disorienting Pisces seasons that I can remember to date and this, undoubtedly, is due to the Neptunian influx of higher dimensional energies flooding into our reality & eroding the very structure upon which our 3D matrix is made: our perception of consciousness itself.

The Sun is joined by none other than Jupiter and Neptune, both reigning supreme in their co-ruled sign of Pisces and we haven’t experienced this exact coalescing of forces in all of our lives so don’t be surprised if you find your psychic abilities have increased, your dreams are more vivid and you fall for some sort of scam or act of deception.

The shadow side of Pisces is beginning to show in the collective as many are resorting to substances and spiritual escapism to avoid being present in current reality but the Virgo Full Moon arrives just in time to save the day! And doesn’t she always?

While Pisces lives in the ethers, traversing the veiled regions in between realms, opposing sign Virgo prefers to live in her body, albeit much of the time in her mind. In true Virgo fashion, the point in which the sun and the moon create their exact opposition occurs on 3/18 at precisely 3:18am eastern time and this astrological “perfection” is a cosmic synchronicity revealing the true connected nature of our multi-dimensional reality.

However, Virgo, being an earth sign, prefers to view things from a more logical perspective, which can limit us but also support us, if we know how to direct the energy consciously. Virgo is known for being critical and practical but being ruled by Chiron, this energy represents healing through purification and service to others.

What this moon will allow us to do is to make sense of what we are feeling and what we truly want from life while being able to rationalize and compartmentalize abstract concepts while grounding all of this fantastical Piscean energy into form where it can be perfected and realized.

This lunation, of course, stars the sun and the moon but they are joined by Pluto, Rahu and Neptune in forming a multi-planet chart pattern called a KITE and this larger convergence of planetary forces will trigger massive emotional releases, deeper understandings of shadow aspects of the self as you become aware how you are being divinely led to meeting new souls that usher in change and spark new possibilities within your mind & auric field.

This is a highly sensitive full moon that could lead to exhaustion & anxiousness synergistically so know that it’s okay to rest and that getting drunk and over-eating does not support your energy during this time, especially as new routines & habits are more likely to cement into permanence under the Virgoan influence of this moon.

As with many of the astrological events happening in 2022, Black Moon Litlith also makes a guest appearance as she squares off with the moon sending waves of rage and savage energy through the collective field so remember to think before you respond or things could get very messy. And Virgo wouldn’t want that!

This moon is also supported by Virgo co-ruler, Vesta, the asteroid goddess of devotion and sacred sexual expression so while there is a darker tone to this moon, there is also a transformational aspect in which you can use your divine sacred sexual energy and transmute the pain hiding in the shadows into love and power effortlessly.

Virgo is personified by the archetypal “Virgin“ such as Isis or Mary but Virgo’s virginity transcends the patriarchal definitions of a “good girl” and moves into a state of holiness through self-mastery, acceptance and purity of thought! Virgo is not a weak maiden but a powerful shaman, earth goddess and divine feminine alchemist.

Use the power of this full moon to channel your dreams into daily rituals where true healing occurs in the first place, leading to your greatest manifestations with little to no resistance. It can be easy. You deserve it. “I CAN CREATE THE LIFE OF MY DREAMS.” And so it is.

The full moon occurs in the 3rd house of my natal chart! Which house is it activating for you? Let me know! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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This just described every PART of what’s truly happening to me currently. I’m waking up in a new way knowing I want to ascend and fighting to do that every day!

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