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The AstroMedium: Full Moon in Pisces

Are you feeling more tired than usual recently? Are you noticing old habits and addictions pulling on you stronger than normal? Are you feeling less grounded and losing track of time?

In the past month we’ve experienced several challenging aspects to inner planets from Neptune and as the ruler of Pisces, the planet of illusion + delusion is ready to take centerstage during the Full Moon in Pisces.

As we head toward this dreamy and transformative lunation, the Sun in Virgo is opposing Neptune which dissolves the structure of our egos slightly and heightens our emotional senses to the point of needing to escape reality. As a Sun in the 12th house native myself and currently experiencing squares to my Mercury and Sun from Neptune, I am receiving this energy loud and clear.

This full moon will heighten the intensity of this unrealistic energy while increasing our psychic abilities as the moon crosses over Neptune’s energy field shortly before the exact opposition occurs.

But Pluto lends support to the moon at this time giving us powerful access to the unconscious shadow parts of yourself which can lead to a new and deep understanding of your psyche allowing for transformation to outdated beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving you.

The moon will also oppose Mars and quincunx Vesta so remember to breathe and try to think rationally before responding as there isn’t as much energy in our tanks to support the rapid emotional bursts when they occur.

This full moon occurs in the 9th house of my natal chart! Which houses is it occurring in for you?

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