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The AstroMedium: Full Moon in Cancer 2022

On January 17th, the moon in Cancer forms an exact opposition to the sun in Capricorn and although this full moon emanates melancholy & hypersensitivity, the comfortable, nurturing energy this moon offers allows a safe space for deep, psychological fears to be released so true empowerment can take place.

This moon asks you to pay attention to your needs, to trust your intuition and to nourish your soul however that looks for you. The moon is in her ruling sign in Cancer so emotional needs and desires to attach come to the forefront.

Pluto’s influence on this moon seems to drown out the subtle support we are receiving from Ceres & Rahu but their place in this lunation is absolutely necessary to give us the potential for growth and acceptance we may need once we face what lies beneath.

The subconscious is the domain of the moon but the unconscious mind, the shadow self, the primal archetype that is ready to be transformed, is the domain of Pluto.

This moon is about soothing and caring for the self as if you were your own best parent. Giving yourself time to process and experience what comes up and choosing to let go a little bit more of that dark “thing” that you keep buried deep inside.

Other notable energies come from Juno & Mars, as both planets are creating tension and calling for choices to be made. These energy may center around your long term partnerships & although tensions may rise, if you ask yourself “what do I need in thus moment to feel safe or loved?” You will always get an answer in the form of emotions. Trust that.

This full moon occurs in my first house conjunct my Ascendant in Cancer in the Pisces deconate. Which house is the moon activating for you?

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