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The AstroMedium: FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS Part 1

On July 23rd, just a day after the sun enters Leo, the moon in Aquarius forms an exact opposition to the sun and because this lunar event occurs so early in Leo, we will experience ANOTHER full moon in Aquarius on August 22nd so pay close attention to which houses in your chart Aquarius rules because this area of life will be LIT TF UP for you!

It’s quite interesting to me that the largest and most pronounced astrological energy signature of 2021 (Saturn Square Uranus) would just so happen to bring together the traditional ruler of Aquarius (Saturn) and the modern ruler (Uranus). I find it fitting that 2021 would deliver us, not one but TWO full moons in the futuristic sign of the water bearer.

I find this cosmic “coincidence” is extremely synchronistic and tells me that we are reaching a breaking point in our evolution forward as a species but this moon also has personal implications.

The moon will form a conjunction to Pluto on her way into formation with the sun and along the way will receive a confusing quincunx (150 degree angle) from Mars so emotional reactions will be deep and intense as we find ourselves ignoring our intuition and forcing the issue.

However, a grand trine of super divine feminine energy swoops in like Wonder Woman to save the day giving us radical self-care and acceptance powers and the ability to not compromise yourself while giving back to others.

This full moon will occur in my 7th house in my natal chart. Which house in your chart is this lighting up for YOU?

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