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The AstroMedium: Energy Update 6.27.22

WHICH SYMPTOMS ARE YOU FEELING THE MOST? Let me know! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 this could help others! ✨

Did you feel that huge spike in energy & waves of downloads yesterday, last night and this morning? It’s okay to feel crazy or unstable! Let the ebb & flow happen.

I’d also like you to trust yourself instead of looking to my posts for answers! Go download the answers out in nature, in your body, at a retreat, on vacation…. Then come look at my posts to see if they line up!

I’m here to work with aligned & empowered individuals, I will no longer be climbing “down” to bring you all “up”. I’m here when you’re ready.

Are you experiencing difficult ascension symptoms or having a hard time with your spiritual awakening? Book an “Awakening + Ascension Coaching” session with me!

In this session you will receive:

✨Guidance from spirit and where your symptoms are coming from and how best to deal with them.

✨A list of healing modalities and possible dietary changes that will help quicken the process.

✨A psychic reading of your life and energy field.

✨✨✨If you’re ready to take your journey to the next level, CHIRONIC HEALING ACTIVATION is for you!

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