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The AstroMedium: COSMIC FORECAST (05/09/21-05/15/21) 🔮✨🌩

This week gets off to a slow start but this week is heavily activating for you. Themes around healing, empowerment, letting go and staying focused are coming up for all of us at this time.

✨SUNDAY: We start the week off with a moon ruled day with a 70% chance of extreme reactions with a slight chance of boosted confidence and acceptance of what is. ⛅️

✨MONDAY: This will be a day of restless desires for change as the moon activates the Saturn/Uranus square but she also activates the conversation between Mars and Uranus with a 90% chance of wanting to make quick, impulsive changes to your life with scattered chances to heal the mind and see your insecurities in a new way. 🌩

✨TUESDAY: This is, of course, the day of the new moon in Taurus which will occur at 3:00pm EDT but this day is so energetically packed it could be over stimulating. There’s an 80% chance of new information coming in regards to your purpose with a heavy chance of making important decisions and following through. 🌦

✨WEDNESDAY: Many of these energies will blend into the days to follow but this will be day of solidifying your decisions and turning it into an action plan that can be acted on in the long term with a 70% chance of more logical thinking. 🌤

✨THURSDAY: Another monumental day as Jupiter leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces and the sun illuminates the conversation between Neptune and Lilith. This is witchy af vibes with a 60% chance of healing something on a spiritual level. ☀️🌈

✨FRIDAY: The calmest day of the week with a 70% chance of hypersensitivity and a heavy boost of confidence and optimism to start your weekend off right! ⛅️

✨SATURDAY: We end the week feeling triggered and forced into obligations and responsibilities with an 80% chance of frustration and scattered opportunities to break free of your self-limitation. 🌦

Which energies are you most looking forward to?

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