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The AstroMedium: Chiron RetroShade 2021

On December 19th, the same day as the full moon in Gemini & Venus stationing retrograde, Chiron stations direct entering retroSHADE, the post-retrograde shadow period where Chiron must make its way back to 12 degrees of Aries where it was when it began its retrograde motion.

Chiron’s retrograde is a deeply internal experience and the process in which you’re moving through toward a greater sense of wholeness and acceptance of self comes from a strong understanding of your own weaknesses in ways that are, at times, uncomfortable.

I always liken Chiron’s journey backward to a healing retreat or session. You’re in it, it’s in YOU and you are facing what comes up without a way to escape but now that Chiron is moving forward again, it’s time to sign up for your very own personal integration session with the wounded healer and bring these lost pieces back into you.

Chiron spends more time in Aries than any other sign and I find this quite poetic as it’s journey through the 1st sign of the zodiac is a deeply up-close and personal experience. Chiron takes 50 years to complete one zodiacal cycle so we haven’t faced theses themes in this way since the 1960’s and 1970’s but that was before Chiron’s discovery in 1977.

It feels to me that we are the first generation of humans on this planet with a conscious awareness of our healing journey and in true Aries fashion we are taking our process into our own hands and pushing evolution forewarned one breakthrough at a time.

Now is the point where you look at what has transpired within you the past 5 months and you allow it to show up in front of you in your physical experience so you can live out your healing work and practice living in new states of self-love. Now we can see through the eyes of compassion rather than our pain and what a difference that makes to the clarity of our spirit.

My Chiron is in Cancer in the 1st house exactly conjunct my ascendant. What’s your Chiron sign?

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