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The AstroMedium: Chiron Retrograde 2022

As 2022 continues on with blazing fury, the full steam ahead tsunami that has been Jupiter in Aries is coming to a slow and unfortunate halt as slowly but surely, all of our major planetary energies are turning retrograde, moving our experience to a deeper, more refined level.

Jupiter in Aries is magnificent in its ability to claim what it wants and stop at nothing until it is made manifest but what Aries lacks is refinement and this is earned through experience.

Part of the experience that we as galactic beings must move through in our lives (as seen through the lense of quantum astrology) is the process of transmutation and spiritual growth.

Chiron is one of the most important energies in astrology today as it shows us your primal wound along with the spiritual gifts that are revealed through the healing of these wounds

Chiron is our shaman, our cosmic gatekeeper between realms, our rainbow bridge that allows us access to more empowered, refined versions of ourselves but the initiation of Chiron can be brutal.

Because Chiron exists within the realm of the trans-dimensional planets, the retrograde cycles of these outer planetary forces do not create the same type of ripple effect that our inner planetary friends, like Mercury, can cause.

But crossing the rainbow bridge is a two way journey, there’s the journey in and the journey back out. Chiron’s retrograde occurs every year within a very similar timeframe so this is nothing to lose your shit about but it is important to note what themes come up for you every year in the later half of each solar cycle.

Chiron’s retrograde begins to agitate certain traumas and insecurities that are so loose that they are flakier than dead skin and there will be triggers and outer experiences that mirror your wounds more obviously now which act as an exfoliant if you let it do it’s job.

This retrograde is a journey backward, yes, but an even more important journey inward where many of the issues you’ve been trying to heal may come up once again to be viewed, processed, released or restored.

Chiron is transiting the 10th house in my natal chart? Which house is it activating for you? Let me know! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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