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The AstroMedium: Ceres Retrograde

On October 8th, Ceres in Gemini makes a u-turn and stations retrograde and you may be surprised at how this retrograde affects you!

With so many planets retrograde right now, when Mercury entered retrograde cycle on September 27th, that was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. But then on the 7th, Pluto ended his retrograde motion and entered retroSHADE so although Pluto isn’t done with the entire retrograde cycle, he’s at least in motion forward which lightens up this consequential retrograde energy!

But just a couple days later, Ceres joins the retrograde party to take Pluto’s place but before you shudder in agony, let me save you the agony and let’s just skip to all of us jumping for joy!

Ceres is the largest asteroid and her energy is just as strong as any other planet but her role in our natal charts are more subtle and refined than the other planetary forces but gloss over her, we will not!

Ceres represents the possessive mother, the nurturer, the ability to give love selflessly and unconditionally and the process we go through when have to let go of those we love and take care of, bringing grief and finally acceptance.

When Ceres is retrograde, her influence on the collective field calls our attention inward where we may find a lonely and abandoned inner child, starving for attention, malnourished from being ignored and wondering why everyone else is more than they are.

In our culture, it’s deemed honorable to ignore your own needs and put others first but this retrograde will urge you to focus on your own inner needs and desires to be nurtured. You may find that there’s a lot of healing that needs to be done at this time and your focus on reparenting yourself through treating yourself gently abd compassionately may be the magic formula to transmute any wounds your inner child may be holding onto.

“I am safe and I am enough. When I nurture myself and I activate my purpose. Others will be there when I’m ready to serve.”

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