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The AstroMedium: Ceres in Gemini 2022

On February 8th, Ceres leaves behind the patient & secure energies of Taurus and enters Gemini for the 2nd time in the past 6 months due to its retrograde cycle.

Ceres represents the over protective parent, specifically a mother archetype, that holds fast to her child in fear of losing her, not accepting that with time her daughter would leave her to make a life for herself.

Ceres represents how you take care of yourself and others, how you deal with loss and grief, and can even reveal your parenting style. Ceres is the earth mother, she rules Cancer and Taurus and her energy is closely aligned with the moon’s.

Bring a co-ruler of Taurus, Ceres felt safe in Taurus and this was a time where we may have had issues letting go and accepting but we had more rest, downtime and self-care moments while Ceres was in the fixed earth sign.

But as Ceres moves into Gemini once again, this time to stay, we will experience a new development in our self-care journey where we don’t just focus on creating security and comfort to allow healing and growth, but our compassion takes on a mind of its own.

Ceres in Gemini is restless and can get bored easily when extra tenderness and care are needed but where they lack in emotional nurturing skills they make up for in their ability to communicate their nurturing side through words and the exchange of ideas.

This is a great time for journaling, writing a book about self-improvement, trying the opposite approach with your current parenting style, and getting closer to fully accepting the past by mentally working it out in a new way.

My Ceres is in Libra in the 4th house! What’s your Ceres sign?!

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