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The AstroMedium: Astrology of 2022

2020 was the astrological year of the century and even 2021 , the epic “Year of Aquarius”, was a tough act to follow and while 2022 seems to fall short in excitement upon first glance, it deserves a closer look. But don’t we need a break anyway?

The outer planets (Jupiter and beyond) are instrumental in creating monumental changes and global energies that are felt for long periods and of which the effects last for years in some cases.

In comparison to years past, 2022 turns down the volume, strikes a singing bowl and lights the candles of faith as we are invited to re-evaluate who we are giving our energy to and to go inward.

We start the year with Jupiter in its traditional ruling sign of Pisces and the first 5 months of 2022 will see the gentle giant receiving support from Uranus and forming a conjunction to Neptune.

This ushers in new ideas, new ways of seeing the future, radical changes guided by spirit and a new found sense of wonder that 2021 couldn’t offer.

Right at the beginning of the year we will experience a super stellium in Capricorn, Venus Retrograde and Venus StarPoint in Capricorn and our first Mercury retrograde sharing its journey between Aquarius and Capricorn so while the air element dominated 2021, Earth and Water rule 2022.

It’s all about getting grounded and trusting your intuition and not only are all 3 Mercury Retrogrades shared with earth signs, the eclipse axis has completely shifted to Taurus & Scorpio (earth and water).

Things get all hot and bothered when Jupiter enters fiery, ego driven Aries in May for a whopping 5 months so 2022 will take an exciting turn come summer.

All in all, 2022 is about rest and replenishment with restoration to our faith and spiritual energy as we are urged to “get real” about our relationships. Our world view takes exciting new vantage points, giving us the chance to believe in miracles and believe in ourselves.

Which energies are you most excited for in 2022?

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