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The AstroMedium: Aries New Moon 2022

As we continue our journey through the fiery cosmic gateway of the spring equinox, the new, fresh spark of energy that Aries brings forward reaches a fever pitch when the first new moon of the new astral year activates our consciousness & foreshadows more rapid fire movement later in the year we Jupiter enters Aries.

This moon marks the true new beginning, the activation point and the big bang that sets this new year into stellar motion as the moon joins forces with the Sun, of course, but joining them are Chiron, Mercury and Pallas forming a super stellium in Aries which is why you have felt the ignition start but an intense pressure building at the same time.

All new moons are planting periods where you can program your subconscious with new intentions, desires and beliefs that will begin attracting unto you more of that which encrypted itself into your psyche at this point.

However, this new moon is extremely potent because it is a true astrological ”reset“ if you allow it to do so and you can restart and reboot your system like when a computer completes an upgrade and needs wipe the skate clean of the old program.

As much strength and passion this new moon emits, it is entangled with a, potentially, weakening force that knocks the, otherwise, raging Aries ego off of its high horse. Enter: Chiron - The Wounded Healer. The asteroid also known as ”The Rainbow Bridge” which can reveal vulnerable, even, traumatized points within your psyche and causal bodies that you perceive as insecurities or psycho-spiritual wounds.

But with conscious intent and a higher focus, you can witness your pain outside of the ego complex and use your triggers as catalysts for immense healing and growth that flows from subconscious programming to conscious change.

Theres something very expressive about this moon as Mercury joins the party to speed up the pace and bring conversations to a boil. This could make for some pretty unsavory spats as our egos fight to be right and we are less able to see ourselves from others’ perspectives.

But along with Mercury’s mentally focused energy, there‘s the addition of Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom, conflict resolution & mental healing which shows me there is an opportunity to heal pieces of our wound by expressing outwardly after feeling it inwardly but there’s an higher chance for conversations to resolve tension between us and the other while our healing reaches our neuro-pathways, imbedding our new, healed self into the brain.

This new moon experience asks you to accept your place as a true divine creator and stand proud in your human self so you can pull all of your cosmic energy into your physical body, giving you more stamina and drive to get your year started with a bang!

Remember though, many of you are clearing old patterns, purging genetic wounds and cellular trauma and experiencing intense emotions, depression and physical ailments but your system needs you to breathe, trust and rest. This may be a vulnerable new moon but let your triggers pull your slingshot as far back into the dark as possible, so that when you release this energy for good, you fly that much further into the light.

The new moon ritual is listed in the slides above.


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