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The AstroMedium: 1111 Portal Opening 2021

On November 11th, the power of 11 numerologically activates awakening + accelerates the ascension process opening us + earth up to new energies of higher frequency.

The 11/11 portal is significant every year as it brings with it new light codes + new understandings + higher connection as this number signals this because of its specific frequency but this year is even more important.

In numerology, we live in cycles of 9. 10 years ago was the epic, once in a lifetime 11/11/11 portal event + we are not only celebrating the 10th anniversary of this epic experience but we are closing major karmic cycles + bringing in new cycles of higher frequency as last year closed that 9 year cycle and this year marks the first point in our new journey upwards.

And this conversation wouldn’t be complete without a pretty interesting synchronicity where on the day of this portal opening, the moon will be in the sign of Aquarius, the 11th sign and ruler of the 11th house.

This is even more meaningful as 2021 is the year of Aquarius so it would be fitting that this rebellious and progressive energy would play out through this portal opening, urging you to take the road less travelled and accept your unique individuality.

This portal opening will bring upgrades, downloads, activations and higher timelines that will assist you in tuning up and receiving more energy. This will boost your manifesting abilities and create more inner balance so you have a more sturdy place from which to create your new reality from.

Want to see how all of this energy affects you? Book an Astromediumship reading with me to find out how you can use this energy and not let it use you!

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