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On April 13th, the Sun in Aries makes an exact trine (120 degree angle) to Juno (Retrograde) in Sagittarius. We will feel this energy become available to us on April 10th and it will fade out of reception by the 17th.

Just a day after Juno begins her retrograde journey, she finds herself in a heated opposition with Mars which could potentially leave her feeling abused and out of balance. However, on the same day, the Sun casts his bright lights upon the asteroid goddess of marriage and contracts in the most warm and supportive way.

The sun is our conscious intent, our will and our sense of self (aspects of the ego) so this trine will see these two energies striking a gorgeous harmonic chord which has the potential to soften the blow from Mars’ opposition that occurs just a day after she stations retrograde.

This transit doesn’t last as long as the conversation she has with Mars and she is on her way to forming yet another square to Neptune at some point and her retrograde last for months so needless to say, the themes of mutual respect within agreements, cohabitation, and commitment/loyalty come bursting forth like old faithful in an attempt to sharpen our understanding of what our needs are and who we are as partners.

This transit allows us to see ourselves within a committed arrangement, whether it be romantic or platonic, in healthy, confident ways while attracting new opportunities to inject our energy into new people and projects with more grace and ease.

Do you have any Sun/Juno aspects in your natal chart?

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