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On March 31st, the Sun in Aries makes an exact Sextile (60 degree angle) to Saturn in Aquarius bringing praise, recognition for serious efforts and rewards for hard work. 🏋🏾🧗🏾🥇

This transit is positive and easy flowing as we find ourselves receiving the credit for our work that may be long over due for some. The sun is supporting Saturn while bringing out all of his positive traits as we may find ourselves in positions of authority or getting a promotion of some kind. 🕰⬆️

All in all this will hel the difficult energies between Venus + Saturn today as they are squaring off + this will show up for us as increased patience + resilience + a strong determination to succeed. Because Venus and the Sun are conjunct and are traveling together, they’re essentially acting as one as they activate other planets and points in unison, holding a common goal of greater empathy, understanding and worth.

As they both share this conversation with Saturn at once, it’s a common message to “get real” and reevaluate. Venus StarPoint calls our hearts to open and desires to surface that may have been lying dormant and this will call in the need for a check in with certain relationships that may need more work or are still playing out because of the fulfillment of a karmic debt.

Do you have Sun/Saturn aspects in your natal chart?

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