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On April 19th, the Sun leaves behind the fiery new beginnings of Aries and enters the practical and sensual Taurus. This will move the focus toward the physical body and material plane as our desires begin to take shape, showing up in tangible ways.

This will shift the pace slightly as our focus becomes more narrow and a firmer sense of self gives life to physical pleasures. Enjoying all the sensations that physical reality has to offer, which could lead down some pretty self-indulgent and hedonistic paths.

This is also the season where we really start thinking about taking it easy and going on vacation. Taurus is all about relaxing and taking pleasure in life and this times call for us to beg the question “how much am I really enjoying my life.” Physical reality is meant to be enjoyed.

The sun will join forces with Uranus and Lilith during his time in Taurus so expect the unexpected and don’t be surprised if you take pleasuring yourself to extreme places but all in all this is a time of new ideas of self emerging and a sense of empowerment we need right now.

The sun is transiting my 10th and 11th houses in my natal chart during his stay in Taurus. Which houses is he transiting for you?

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