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On July 22nd, the sun begins his journey through his ruling sign of Leo and this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Leo season brings warmth and nourishment as we usually find ourselves taking a vacation and wanting to enjoy life more and even if you live in the Southern Hemisphere or a cold climate, this time of year has a special yellow gold tone to it.

Leo rules the heart organ and heart energy center which many people feel would be ruled by Libra because Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus rules love right?! No. Not quite.

The heart energy center in human design is the home of the ego and the will. Sounds like aries and Leo territory to me. The G-Center takes over the higher love and connection processes in the human design system so Leo truly does belong in the heart because he is the true embodiment of ego.

That doesn’t have to be a negative thing inherently although Leo does have some pretty ridiculous and dramatically unique tendencies that can be unbearable to some (I should know since I have moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter all in Leo in the 1st house).

That’s probably one of the main reasons I’m a Manifestor in HD as Leo energy is so potent and grand. This grandeur conceals an insecure little lion cub underneath the heavy crown Leo bears so don’t be too afraid. This Leo season is packed to the brim in chaos and excitement and Aquarius and Uranus energies are to blame but one thing is for sure, you won’t be making it out of this Lion’s Den without choosing a new direction and exploring uncharted territory. As a fixed sign, Leo has trouble letting go on control and participating in change so if you find yourself in a dead end ego trip, tune into the heart and trust what it tells you.

The sun will be transiting my first house in my natal chart while he’s in Leo. Which house is he transiting for you?

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