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On March 20th, the Sun will drop down from the heavenly realms of Pisces back down to the physical plane of Aries bringing us more into focus with our identities and slamming us back down in our bodies. The sun will transit through Aries until April 19th.

A day after the Sun takes his leap into the fiery heart of the Ram, Venus follows suit and demands her space among the flames as passion run hot and tempers rise. This will feel like a light switch has gone off as you start regaining energy and momentum and your desires to relax and escape turn cold as your focus on more physical experiences lead us into ourselves again.

This Aries season is all about Illumination of the heart and the challenges of the mind. How can we remain in our egos without denying the experiencing of another and how can we enter partnerships without losing our sense of self?

Aries rules the first house of the self and “I Am” presence so it is fitting to say that Aries is the most selfish sign but maybe that’s where Aries wins. Maybe his ability to maintain his physical integrity and well being is primal and necessary for his ability to function optimally at all. Maybe he never does without so his energy is high and confidence is higher giving him the power to win and the understanding that he’s worthy of it.

Aries is like a child, he hasn’t learned he isn’t worthy of anything so as we move through March and April, notice of your attention turns toward yourself and your priorities. Are you experiencing desires to do things that you want to do, just because you want to do them? You deserve independence and you deserve to be passionate about life.

The Sun will be transiting my 10th house during his stay in Aries. Which house will he be transiting for you in your natal chart?

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