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On April 24th, Saturn in Aquarius makes an exact trine (120 degree angle) to the North Node (Retrograde), also known as Rahu, in Gemini. We will feel this energy become available to us on April 5th and it will fade out of reception by May 15th.

This transit is beautiful as all trines are but Saturn will always bring a test and Rahu is up for the challenge. Trines are effortless , activated energy fields that support growth and ease as both entities are supporting and bringing out the best in each other.

What this will translate to is a more disciplined focus on setting and attaining long term goals with a higher purpose moving you through with grace and ease. As we encounter Saturn related challenges and restrictions, we move through it with a greater knowing for the signal of the soul is much stronger than the weight of our own fear of failure, giving us a kind of immortal spirit.

Saturn is the Lord of karma, cause and effect, hard work and rewards. There are energies that have been set into motion that will now be activated by the soul through the Akashic field and basically the fruits of our mothafuckin labor grow ripe for the picking but don’t eat it too fast.

The fruit is sweet but it’s too much to eat at once. You may have long term goals that branch off into many areas of your life but is alignment with your purpose a long term goal? Some of us have a calling that is, by human standards, larger than others and many of you do not have the proper resources, expertise, or public status to fulfill your soul’s mission....... YET.

Do you have any Saturn/North Node aspects in your natal chart?

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