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The AstroMedium: PALLAS RETROGRADE 🦉↩️✨


July 14th, Pallas in Pisces stations retrograde and begins her annual journey backward just one day before her fellow healer Chiron joins her, taking our healing deep within and forcing us to cultivate stronger bonds with our spiritual nature.

Pallas is the goddess of war which can represent the divine feminine archetype that balances Mars’ aggressive, impulsive and even violent masculine energy by giving us the wisdom to strategize and move through conflict with grace and ease.

Her retrograde journey may have us using more manipulative tactics to get what we want and we must be mindful that even the divine feminine in us has a shadow side, even if it appears meek in comparison to the rage and brute force of Mars’ fighting spirit.

However she also relates to Chiron in a special way as she is a spiritual asteroid that represents healing but her speciality is rewiring of the mind and as the pattern recognition queen, this retrograde can assist you in looking within and seeing your own patterns and choosing new behaviors that ultimately create new neural pathways leading to more aligned ways of being that are more reflective of your 5D multi-dimens-ION-al self.

IONATION is a new framework created by Darshana Patel at @unscriptedway which is a living embodiment of Pallas energy in real time. For more informat-ION on how to unhook from the matrix, go to

Pallas is currently transiting my 9th house in my natal chart, which house is she transiting for you?

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