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On May 5th, Neptune in Pisces makes an exact square (90 degree angle to Juno in Sagittarius. We will feel this energy become available to us on April 7th and it will fade out of reception by May 28th only to become active again in late 2021 after Juno goes directly as she is currently retrograde.

Neptune is the great dissolver, softening boundaries and thinning the veils between all things for the purpose of transcendence and unity. This ethereal energy pulls up up and in toward your higher self and inner being and his frequency resonates with our 4D astral plane, thus his reputation for being the planet of fantasies and dreams.

But dreams are not real, right? They’re created by our consciousness out of astral matter and are received during deep sleep as our consciousness leaves the physical body and projects itself elsewhere.

Reality is, what we call, an illusion. Neptune’s shadow side is brought out in this conversation as Juno forms a tense Square to the god of the sea and just like a raging ocean tide, you can get swept away by his energy and can drown in your own inability to see reality for what it truly is.

Neptune casts veils, creates fog that you can’t see through and mirages that trick you into making decisions not based in reality and this confusion rolls in to an area of our life that already requires work: Juno’s Territory. The land of commitment, contracts, agreements and marriage.

We’ve already dealt with this energy last year but now that Juno is traveling backward in the zodiac, she squares of with Neptune and we begin to distrust our long term partners our paranoia and suspicion and our business deals and roommate situations begin to drift into unstable waters and we begin to bring out aspects of each other that cause confusion and doesn’t make logical sense.

Do you have Neptune/Juno aspects in your natal chart?

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